Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Starting Fresh

It's not secret that I am absolutely in LOVE with New Years.  Fresh starts, new beginnings, goals, getting organized.  After a holiday season that begins with Halloween, All Saints Day parties, two birthdays and rolls into Thanksgiving, Nutcracker madness, and comes to a crashing hault with the mother of all scheduling destroying, house loosing,  holiday nightmares: Christmas, I am never more ready to buckle down, simplify our lives, and find some routine then I am come New Years Day. 

So tomorrow I'll be posting the resolutions, the goals, the hopes for the new year.  While today I nap and recover from the holiday season.  (Which I am reminded doesn't officially end until Sunday) 

For today, know that we celebrated, we counted down, and we danced our way into 2014.  

May it bring our greatest adventures yet. 

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