Monday, January 6, 2014

Man Vs. Woman: Snowmagedeon 2014

Yesterday prior to the storm of the year hitting City announced that all cars must be removed from the streets to allow for plowing.  Men pulled trucks to the back of the shared driveway, Neighbor Man pulled giant SUVS to back of shared driveway.  Woman decided to pull van only to the front of the driveway as to make for less shoveling to get it out. 

Snow came.  And came, and came some more. 

Woman woke up before dawn the next day and realized that the arctic -30 wind chills had not yet hit.  Woman thought "someone should do the shoveling now before it gets bitterly cold."  Man would not get up.  Neighbor man has not been known to know how to identify a shovel in the six years woman has lived here.  Woman got up.  Woman shoveled in the dark, being small and dainty enough to fit into son's snow pant and coat. 

Woman shoveled as snow plows came thru, and other men brought out heavy machinery.  Woman shoveled and shoveled. 

When woman ran out of place to shovel the snow to, woman started shoveling forward. 

Shoveling only enough to get her mini van out of the driveway.

Woman heeped snow to the sides, and in front of her van. 

Woman created a barricade of snow of sorts.

Woman blocked the rest of the drive way, ensuring that Men would have to shovel too.  

Woman wins!

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