Friday, November 1, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

Trick or Treat!  

There was a time when Halloween was my favorite holiday.  I love the all, the crunching of leaves underfoot on a cool, dark night -- the magic in the air as witches, and goblins, and princesses run amok.  (And yes that was a Hocus Pocus reference.  Best Halloween movie of all time, no offense intended It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)

Notice I said "used to be?"  Yeah that was before I had to buy five costumes, and fight the "why is every female halloween costume from age 3 and up skanky.

Before last night when it rained.  A LOT.  

In the end, despite my best attempts to bribe my kids not to go we went anyway, though the end of an era - for the first time ever we did not all go together.  

Both Luke and Molly opted to go with friends, and though I felt the sting of it no longer being a "family thing", I got it.  I think I went with friends for the first time in fifth.  Of course this was in a time when kids could do that.  Go with no friends, go alone, walk the streets and fear nothing but the leftover candy cane and the old lady who gave out those chewy hard candies.  They went supervised, but with friends none the less. 

The littles and I went alone.  (Jason was at work, of course.)  We did a few houses and decided to head over to our old church's indoor event.  I have to say - it was the most well run thing of it's nature,  I've ever been too.  

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